UK Music You Should Know

UK Music You Should Know

Ok then, here's some stuff you should have a gander at if you haven't already. Let's start with Children Of Zeus. Dunno who I'm about to list but I really doubt this will be the only Manchester act, being as that city has been at the forefront of music for decades without slipping once. Children Of Zeus, AKA Konny Kon (Broke 'N' English) & Tyler Daley, make sick soul music on proper 90's style hip hop beats. Proper good stuff. 

While we're in the general genre, let's talk about some rappers from the UK you should really check for. Dirty Dike is an obvious place to start, a proper authentic human being with a mad amount of charisma and a sense of humour as wrong as his life choices. Next you should check out Lee Scott, 616 and the whole Blah Records roster; this lot are mad original. Oh yeah, and don't forget Skuff, because he also happens to design CCTV and he says we have to mention him.

Next up, you could say Ocean Wisdom is a rapper I suppose, or an MC, either way he's one insanely talented yooty that drops jaws anywhere he does his thing on whatever genre from hiphop to DNB. The don Romesh Ranganathan had him on his podcast which is also worth a listen. Also look up Dead Players & Problem Child for some mad cross pollination music to get you all hype & irresponsible.

So speaking of cross pollination, multi genre monster and CCTV ambassador Inja has spent 2017 racking up number 1's on the beatport DNB charts and performing with some utter legends all over the shop. Don't miss this guy, he never ceases to amaze us & he's well safe. 

Let's talk about Manchester again quickly. Strategy & Dub Phizix are the lads who done 'Marka' & 'Buffalo', Chimpo done '1996', and there's this super group of producers & MC's called LEVELZ that will change your fucking life. Get involved with that lot for a couple hours and I'm doubting you'll regret it.

Last up you should have a go at Sir Spyro's sound, start off with 'Topper Top' ft. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann and Killa P. That's a proper mad one that will always win in a YouTube DJ battle.

Click on the links and make sure to stick some money into any of this lot who's music moves you. Alright you lot, until next time, cheers.